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About Bhucho Mandi

Punjab is known as the land of five rivers and is an amazingly beautiful place endowed with greenery and agrarian patches. Among its many districts and towns is the one which has soon catched up pace of development is the town of Bhucho Mandi. It is a small town in Bathinda district of Punjab. The place remains abuzz with activity and people. The people here are mainly into farming and all the major and important products from nearby towns and villages come up here and then sold from here. It has all the characteristics of typical Punjabi way of life where people live life to the fullest without any reservations.

About Bhucho-Mandi
Gurudwara Shri Laverisar Sahib in Bhucho Mandi

History of Bhucho Mandi

The emerging city of Punjab was once a small place. Traders used to come to this small place with their raw products and then used to sell from here and so the place slowly became the trading hub in the region. The trade took place slowly and steadily from small agricultural goods to different commodities in day to day life.

Geography of Bhucho Mandi

The geographical location of Bhucho mandi is very strategic to the trading patterns of the district. The town though small in size is characterized by number of attestations. The geographical coordinates of the place are 30.22°N 75.10°E. The climate of the town is affected by the area in which it is confined. Temperatures remains high during the summers and very cold during the winters. The monsoon too arrives in the region during the months between July to September.

Demography of Bhucho Mandi

The population of the town is around 13,183.of which the females constitute 47% of the population in comparison to males who comprise 53% of the population. With an average literacy rate of 63% that is higher than the national average of 59.5% Bhucho Mandi stands a class apart in the league of small towns working towards need of education. The female literacy rate though is 56% somewhat a bit less than the male literacy rate of 69%. 13% of the population is under 6 years of age.

Economy of Bhucho Mandi

The land is very well utilized in accordance with the needs of the people and also according to the changing times. There is a very well built and big hospital in the region with all the proper facilities and amenities. The people take full use of the services provided. Apart from this with the changing times a lot of fast food chains have developed in the region few big ones like KFC,Mc Donalds,Café Coffee Day and Pizza Hut are to name a few. Apart from these land have been used for development of certain types of industries mainly Cotton industries. The economy of the place is very progressive and is judged by the progress being made in the town at different levels. The economy predominantly is agrarian with majority of the people doing farming for subsistence and fulfilling their daily needs and requirements. The main crops of the region are paddy and wheat but above all of it the one thing that has led to sudden economic boom in this small town is the spurt of marble and tile market and it has emerged in a big way where people from far off places of Punjab come up to buy the marble and tiles carpets from here .This has happened in a very short span of time in a very big way. All the farmers line up at the mandi to sell their crops. It is one of the biggest markets for cotton and other commodities and has one of the biggest areas for food-grain market in Bathinda District. Other major Industries in Bhucho Mandi region include rice mil, cotton cake & oil factories, cotton ginning and non woven fabric carry bag industries.

Administration in Bhucho Mandi

The administration in Bhucho Mandi is taken care of by the Municipal Council city in district of Bathinda, Punjab. The Bhucho Mandi city has been divided into 13 wards for which elections are held every 5 years. Bhucho Mandi Municipal Council adminiser over 2,985 houses to which it basic amenities like water and sewerage are supplied in a proper manner. It is also authorized to build roads within Municipal Council limits and impose taxes on properties coming under its jurisdiction.

Deputy Comissioner, Bathinda
Dr. Basant Garg, IAS
E-Mail : dc.btd@punjabmail.gov.in
Phone : 91 164 2210042
Fax : 91 164 2212789

Culture of Bhucho Mandi

To get a glimpse of the cultural paradigm of the place we need to strode towards the very beautiful, small and developing town of Bhucho Mandi. The culture is very rich and diverse when it comes to songs and dances as well the local handicrafts and industries. Majority of population living in the region belongs to Sikh and Jat Community. They are known for their valor, courage and hospitality.
Local inhabitants of the town speaks Hindi and Punjabi as form of communication. People of Bhucho mandi are jovial and fun loving they love to celebrate every festival with equal fun and joy. From Holi, to Diwali and Dushera etc. all are celebrated with much enthusiasm in the region. Lohri and Baisakhi are other important festivals. Lohri is the festival celebrated in January marking the end of winter harvest season and people create bonfires and celebrate by singing and dancing. Baisakhi is the festival marking the beginning of new harvest season in month of April. People offer their first bout of grain to the deity. The people live here as part of big community. They know how to keep themselves busy and they entertain themselves with the local folklore and the traditional dances of the region. The bhangra and gidda are the most popular dance forms and are performed by people on occasions of birth, marriage and festivals.

Tourist Attractions in Bhucho Mandi

Being a small place there are not many places to visit. But people can visit to see the largest mandi of district Bathinda and also the emerging marble market. People can visit the local temples and Gurudwaras which have very deep rooted faith of all people. The district of Bathinda has a fort located in its premises and is known for its historical value. You can visit this fort from Bhucho Mandi. The Rose Flower Garden near Bhucho Mandi is a famous picnic place.

Transportation in Bhucho Mandi

The city of Bhucho Mandi is connected via various modes of transportation. The nearest Railway station is Bathinda Junction from where you can catch trains for various parts of Punjab and India. Says buses are also available to this city of Punjab. There are rickshaws and autos available that operate within city. The town can be accessed by air with connectivity through Chandigarh air port which is further connected by road from there.

Bhucho Mandi at a glance

Country : India
State : Punjab
District : Bathinda
• Official : Punjabi
Time zone : IST (UTC+5:30)
PIN : 151101
Telephone code : 0164
Vehicle registration : Pb-03

  • E-mail

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